As a climber in Toronto, I try to contribute to the climbing community as much as I can. Many gyms across the city host "bloc" nights to bring in more people into the community to spend an evening bouldering together. Below is a poster I designed for the Toronto Climbing Academy's event.

First draft of poster after experimenting with different font styles, shapes, colours, and text alignments. I wanted "Bloc Party" to be much heavier than the rest of the text to form a hierarchy from the BLOC PART text, to the date/time/place, then to the smaller details of the event.

Because the event was coming up to Halloween, I decided to make the poster a little darker and add in stars to represent "bloc night" in October. I was happier with the contrast that it had provided. Next, I added in gridlines so that I could properly align all the text placements and change the sizes of the fonts so their left and right edges would also align relative to each other.

Final poster design.

Alternate design and crop for Instagram + Facebook posts.

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